India-Australia Series

India-Australia Series first match: What was the reason for the defeat?

India-Australia Series: what a great match of the day. The way Suryakumar Yadav and Hardik Pandya batted especially Hardik Pandya’s batting was worth watching. But most of all he enjoyed watching the batting of his green, later what made Australia come back in bed. Most of the time I just wonder if India’s bowling is so bad that they couldn’t defend 208.

Anything right India yesterday’s match was worth watching, inside which you got the rain of fours and sixes, not a single time has seemed where the Australia team or the India team has been dominating each other, the bowlers on both sides have been beaten a lot, thanks to the pitch here can be given to.

If seen, it is a matter to think that even after scoring 208 runs, you could not defend it, was the pitch somewhat useless, this is the same number of runs scored on this pitch, if so many runs were scored, would India get 20-25 more?

Had they not scored 20-25 runs more, then perhaps India would have won, but it did not happen that Australia’s batting was very good, they were very brilliant when one of their wickets fell early, that is, they are playing the first match. batted very well.

India-Australia Series: Australia’s winning combination

The combative innings of Matthew Wade brought Australia from the back foot to the front foot and he not only won the match but also won the hearts of everyone in which Team India playing on the home ground was heavy but Australia even after scoring 208 runs Showed zeal in the game and also showed by winning the match score.

This proved that Team India can not make the mistake of taking Australia lightly, now Team India will have to win in both the coming matches, but it will again face Australia after losing the Asia Cup before the preparation of the World Cup. this series will be lost

India-Australia Series: Reason for India’s defeat

A team is made up of both batsman and bowler and where the batsman has to bat well, the same bowler has to bowl well, according to the way India bowled in yesterday’s match, he is not dreaming of the World Cup. Can.

Due to the bowling of yesterday’s match, a question comes to mind is India’s bowling without Bumrah a normal bowling game? Does he deserve the World Cup? Can she beat a good team with this ball without Bumrah? We had to face many such questions during yesterday’s match.

After losing yesterday’s match, there is also a question that is Rohit Sharma correct in his decisions as captain, the way he rotates his bowlers, is it commendable? Or to win any match on or on losing the Asia Cup and then losing to Australia yesterday doesn’t question his captaincy? You tell me, is this question not valid?

India-Australia Series: The biggest issue

The biggest issue in yesterday’s match was the missing of three catches, these three catches belonged to the winners. Australia would have been on the back foot only when those catches were taken. There is also a question on our field defense ability, whether it is bird class.

which we talk about so big that our fielding has improved a lot already but in tomorrow’s match any team can beat any team Skipping three catches is a big mistake that can’t be repeated if you want to win the World Cup. What can Rohit Sharma answer on this that we should learn from our mistakes but why do these mistakes happen again and again?

India-Australia Series: Next matches

Let’s see what Next Match India does and how much it learns from its mistakes. Australia is a very good team, they have match winners but Team India is not too far behind, and especially after the arrival of Bumrah, the bowling will improve a lot and we would like Team India to win the next two matches and send this series. And bring your confidence before your World Cup.

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