India vs Pak Asia cup 2022

India vs Pak Asia cup 2022: Who will win today?

Every match of India Pakistan seems like a final no matter where it is played. Today’s match India vs Pak Asia cup 2022 is expressing a similar mood. Who do you think is going to win today?

India’s side is looking very heavy but it is said that the enemy should never be judged weak. Because this can be a huge mistake on your part. According to the way Pakistan has played the last match, their morale will be very high.

India vs Pak Asia cup 2022
India vs Pak Asia cup 2022

India vs Pak Asia cup 2022

Indian key factors

Indian Openers

Today is a big match. If we talk about the key factors, then today India’s opening pair KL Rahul and Rohit Sharma give a lot of performance. A good run of these two means India’s victory is guaranteed. K.L Rahul is playing international game after a long time, maybe because of this his performance is not going so well. But they have to keep in mind that without the performance of the international team, they will not be able to stay for long.

There is no doubt that he is a very talented player and in today’s match, his bat will once again be on fire. As for Rohit, when he comes into form and when he makes a century, he himself will not know. Well today the opening pair will do well, we hope so.

Indian middle order

No doubt India’s middle order has done very well in the last two matches. Be it Hardik Pandya or Surya Kumar Yadav. Both have kept their game very high. Ravindra Jadeja was promoted in the match with Pakistan and he also batted very well. Meaning we can rely on the middle order if it comes to his turn then he is capable of finishing the match well. Either Dinesh Karthik and Rishabh Pant will get a place in the team today.

Dinesh Karthik is a good player but Rishabh Pant should get a place this time if seen, he fits in the left-right combination. Well both are hard hitters.

Indian Bowling

India’s pacers have done a great job in bowling. Whether it is Bhubaneswar or Hardik or Ashardeep, all three have bowled very well in them. Took a wicket on time. This can be seen even today. If there is any concern in bowling, it is the spinners. Because spinners of other countries are doing very well then why our spinners are not able to do well on this pitch. I don’t know, if you know, please let me know.

India vs Pak Asia cup 2022

Pakistan Key factors

Pakistan Openers

Talking about Pakistan, Pakistan’s opener and most prominent batsman Babar Azam has not been able to do anything well in the last two matches. His equally flop performance from whom he expected the most. This must have been a great disappointment to the Pakistan cricket lovers. On the other hand Muhammad Rizwan who has done well in both the matches. If seen from Pakistan’s point of view, their batting line depends a lot on these two.

pakistan middle order

Pakistan middle order did not do as well as expected from them. Khushdil and Shahdav are trusted a lot but they are not getting answers on that trust. This is a matter of concern for Pakistan. Fakar Zaman has also not been able to do that well.

Pakistan Bowlers

The bowlers of Pakistan have definitely done well. Muhammad Nawaz is one of the top wicket gainers for his country with 6 wickets so far. On the other hand, Nasheem Shah and Shahdav Khan are also doing very well for their team by taking 4-4 ​​wickets. Shanwaz Dhani hasn’t shown any wonders so far.

Compare Both Teams

India vs Pak Asia cup 2022: If the two teams are compared, then India’s team is much ahead of Pakistan and also the most favorite team of this Asian title 2022 and they are also showing their game accordingly. Today’s match will also be played in the same style and after winning again, he will give a golden memory to the people of the country.

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